Sunday at Hirakata Park

Hirakata Park entrance gate

Last Sunday I visited Hirakata Park in Hirakata, Osaka. The weather was sunny and but not too hot so it was a enjoyable day to spend outside 🙂

Hirakata Park’s main roller coaster area

There are over 40 different kind of rides and attractions in the park including all the common ones like flat rides, roller coasters, water rides, dark rides free falls and a Ferris wheel. You can also spend time walking around the rose garden and watching the shows happening all around the area with only paying the entrance fee. The park is mainly targeted for children but there are still quite a lot of stuff which adults can enjoy too! If you happen to get hungry, there are many different kind of restaurants ranging from McDonald’s hamburgers to Japanese style food.

Hirakata Park’s biggest roller coaster the Red Falcon

Pokemon event’s special Pikachu mascot

During our visit there was still a special Pokemon event going on which definitely got me interested also. First you would start from a place near the entrance with big Pikachu mascot in the front, where they gave you a map of places you need to visit to gather all needed Pokemon equipment. After visiting all these places you would end up at the parks Ferris wheel where the main thing was happening. There you received a pad device on which you would then play special Pokemon game during the ride!

At the event’s starting place they showcased some of the Pokemons

A dance show/musical performed at the restaurant area

One thing I was invited to do was to watch a dance show/musical where one of the Come on UP’s Kansai office staff performed. Considering the weather it was quite amazing that they were even able to dance in those suits for almost a half hour. Unfortunately because of my Japanese language skills, I cannot really tell you what the show was about other than it had something to do with good and bad umbrellas but it was fun to watch anyway ^^

Me and Come on UP’s Aya-san from the dance show

That’s all from this week, let’s see what I can find next week!


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