こんにちは!Tania です❤︎


Hi everyone!

It’s Tania here – Come on UP Staff! And welcome you to Tania’s dictionary!!

A-  AB Blood – Libra – ENTP /yay/

B-  Bed is my favorite place for a day off!!

My room in Come on UP Myogadani house

C– I will be soooo sleepy with coffee aww

D- Dancing is the talent I wish for but I could never..

E– ENTP – hands up if we are the same!

F– Fall is my favorite season of the year!

I took this right in front of my school – Waseda station

G– I’m a super big fan of GHIBLI Studio

H– I love hip hop and the culture! Skateboarding is the only sport I can play! 

I–  International Relations was my first major in university!!

I bought a lot of Ghibli goods!!

J- Japan- Definitely my second home!

K–  Korea! One of my favorite countries and I can speak a bit of Hangul~

Still a beginner…

L- Learning is an unlimited goal that I will never stop!

M– Morning,  one of my weaknesses. I’m bad at waking up in the morning…

Shot with NOMO camera!

N– Notebooks – I have a collection of notebooks and stationeries!!

O– Open-mind is what my friend would describe about me!

My one-day trip to Fuji Mt.

P– Part-time jobs – I got my first part-time job at 17, and I’ve been working for over 10 different jobs to independently make a living!

Q– Quiz is my favorite type of game!

R– Red Panda is my favorite animal. But well, I love animals!!

I met a cute red panda in Gunma Safari park!

S– Studying abroad – I’ve been living by myself for 5 years in 4 different countries!

T-  THANH – My real name in Vietnamese is really hard to pronounce 

U– Umbrella is one of the rare things that I don’t like!

V- Vietnam! Beautiful country, friendly people,and of course SUPER GOOD FOOD!!

Vietnamse food that I usually cook – Com Suon

W- World travel is my life’s biggest dream – EVER

X- XL is my favorite size of T-shirts 😉

This was took by my film camera ❤︎

Y- Yokohama – City I love the most in Japan!

Z- Zoo is my all time destination when I’m in a bad mood!

Yokohama is the best at night!

And yes! That all facts about me! And if you are reading this, it’s your turn 😉 !