Nick’s Dream, 2018 Edition

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and fantastic start to 2018! 🙂

I’ve been quite busy with Omoroi and we’ve really been taking off! We’re now at almost 10,000 members (almost double from when we started last summer!) and we’ve made quite an impact throughout Osaka. Word is getting out about us and it’s opening up all kinds of cool new doors. I’m super pumped for what we have planned for 2018 🙂

One of the biggest new updates is our official website that I designed awhile back- it’s still being tweaked, updated and improved, but we already rolled it out and it’s up for everyone to check out.

If you are a fan of basketball, volleyball, badminton, martial arts and many other sports, as well as language exchanges, tutoring and awesomely fun social extravaganzas, please feel free to check us out or message me directly!

LINE ID: mcbeard44

Since pictures are worth 1000 words, please check out our pics on FB. We’ve worked hard to create an awesome community of social, out-going, adventure-seeking and friendly folks from all around the world- we hope it shines through our pics and posts:

Feel free to also check out some of our pictures from our Christmas Party!!


Until next time!



  1. 雪谷シェアハウスグルメリポート!

  2. シェアハウス旅行~宮城旅①日本三景の松島

  3. 【好立地多数】大阪エリア全7軒のシェアハウスを一挙ご紹介!

  4. 先生の教育

  5. 住民さんインタビュー@雪谷シェアハウス

  6. シェアハウスという家族のカタチ