My Return to Japan-Land, Part IV

My Return to Japan-Land, Part IV

So our company has been improving and expanding quite well! We recently just held a celebration for all our members, celebrating 4000 new members!! That brings us to just over 8000 members total, spanning over three divisions of activities. It’s an exceptionally exciting time- we had well over 100 people show up to celebrate with us 🙂

With everything going on, I’m happy to say that my small, humble language exchange (LX) group has grown from a modest 12 to quite a small crowd of 35+, with quite a few regulars! I can’t believe how fast it’s grown. It’s getting harder to find large (but intimate) venues for everyone to have a decent conversation lol.

All-in-all, we seem to be having some great success and I can’t wait to write more about our upcoming adventures 🙂

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