My Return to Japan-Land, Part III

My Return to Japan-Land, Part III

We just had a massive success!

Recently we held an event for a local restaurant called “Sauce Boss.” I had met the owner, Johnny, a few weeks ago and he is a real cool dude. He came here from Canada and maybe 2 months ago opened up his restaurant. So, he’s extremely new haha.

They focus on gourmet chicken wings and craft beer, and I promise you, these are some of the best wings I’ve ever had. Everything is made from scratch in the restaurant (even the mozzarella sticks) and it is fantastic.

So, because he is awesome, the food is amazing and his shop is brand new, we decided to host an event for him. At a restaurant that holds maybe 34 seats, we managed to cram over 45 people in there! People came from all over- Kobe, Kyoto, Wakayama, Osaka- just to try his wings. It was a crazy, awesome party.

Please, please check out his site below. And please stay in touch with ours- we’re certainly going to hold an event there again. The wings are just too good!

I’ll try to post some pics and vids in due time.

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