My Return to Japan-Land, Part II

My Return to Japan-Land, Part II

It’s been awhile since my last post! So much has happened and it’s been incredibly busy- good busy, but busy lol.

I finally got settled in and took off running. I got myself a fancy new bike, starting working on building the company, scouted new places, went sightseeing, met a bunch of cool new people- it’s been exciting! What’s cool about this job is that it’s my responsibility to find new places and talk to managers; I really get to experience a lot. My pic below was of me navigating around Dotonbori, taking in the sights and look for potential places for business!

As for my work, our initial strategy is to build up the foundation a bit more. My partner is working on enhancing our sports division, while I focus on our language exchange division (now coined “LX”). It’s been a lot of fun, and now I even have some repeat customers 😀 My best day thus far had almost 20 people show up!

While we are doing that, we are also planning and tag-teaming larger, social events- nightlife, drinking, eating, social galas. We have a lot in store, and I’ll definitely be posting about their success!

I’m also working on some of the technical parts of the business, so stay tuned for our new website! It should launch by the end of July!

Despite the bugs and the heat (evil Mukade), so far things have been a lot of fun and overall exciting.

Until next time!

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