House meeting party at Fushimi share house, Kyoto!

Come on UP’s CEO, Kansai staff members and most of Kyoto residents at Fushimi sharehouse

Last Thursday we had a house meeting and party at our share house in Fushimi, Kyoto. All our Kyoto residents were invited to come join us for the food and fun ^^ For the food we decided to make some proper chicken hamburgers lead by our American intern and trusted chef Nick! He also cooked us some yakisoba with huge omelet after the burgers. We also had our new intern and amateur DJ Marciano providing us good music for the whole party ^^

Buns for the hamburgers were bought from McDonald’s

For the hamburger buns we decided to go with reliable McDonald’s buns which proved to be a good choice indeed! Although you should know that they cost 100 yen each so it’s probably more wise to just buy the 100 yen cheeseburgers and add more stuff to them, haha

We made our own guacamole for the burgers from avocado, tomato and lime juice

We also decided to make our own guacamole mixing avocado, tomato and lime juice together. We had a bit of bad luck with our avocados as they were so young that we couldn’t really make paste out of them. The result was delicious anyway!

Our chicken burgers also had eggs, lettuce and cheese

After chicken was fried and our guacamole mixed we started putting our burgers together also adding some lettuce, friend egg and mixture of onion and cucumber.

Putting everything together for our chicken burgers!

I’m sorry there are no good pictures of our burgers after they were done 🙁 You can see little bit at the first picture but I’ll try get a proper picture which I’ll add to this post later!

Yakisoba with huge omelet and some cheese on top

Nick’s special “YakiNicku” this time had a thick omelet and some cheese on top covering the noodles under, result was delicious! Good food, music and new people to meet is always a combination for success like this time!

That’s all for this week!

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