Fun times at Round1 in Namba

Last weekend I was in Round1 once again with my friends. Round1 sport facilities are all around Japan and there are larger with many different sports and other amusement options and smaller ones with fewer. The one that I’ve now been to is at Namba and it has 5 different floors full of all kinds of things to do! Round1 is really fun to visit with friends as there are many things where you can compete with each other. So for people with competitive spirit, this is either good or a bad place! ^^ This time along with the usual badminton, volleyball, baseball and ping pong we decided to try some of the electric toys they offer to try.

Me and my friends from my student exchange in Osaka

Getting ready for the race with our electric super bikes

Once every hour there is a chance to try riding small electrical bikes and we thought we would try to race them against each other. The race ended up in the victory of the middle British guy but there was a significant differences between the bikes speeds so we will repeat this competition again somewhere else!

Racing the electric bikes at their full speed

My friend riding a “balance scooter” for the first time in his life

Many of us also tried out the “balance scooters” for the first time for some hilarious results at the beginning with their legs shaking back and forth ^^ They give you around 20 minutes to try it for your self in a separated area where you can practice and laugh at each other ^^ In the end everyone was able to ride with ease, so definitely recommending to try this for yourself too!

That’s all for this week! I’ll be back with something new next Friday again!


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