DIY in the Arashiyama House


Last week we were doing maintenance at Arashiyama house in Kyoto. The house is in good condition in general but same as for any other house, there is always at least small things you can do to improve it. This time I ended up doing some small DIY projects around the house.

Some of the tiles were broken and loose in the bathroom and we decided to fix that. First I cleaned up the area and took of some unwanted old adhesive from the tiles. After that I spread tile adhesive to the bottom side of the tiles and in the spaces around the tiles and put the tiles carefully on their places. And lastly the adhesive lines around tiles were leveled using screwdriver and paper and the surrounding area cleaned up from the adhesive.

In the utility room one side of the wooden frame was looking worn out so we decided to to give it a new paint cover. The part of the frame is not in the easiest position to paint as it’s close to the washing machine. Protecting the surrounding areas is really important before painting because it’s much more annoying getting the paint off from places it shouldn’t have went than putting the covers in place. This time I just cut open a big plastic bag and taped the pieces around the frame. The color we used was something that we had been using before for other wooden things too. The paint was left to dry with the covers in place to remind the house residents about the painting. I was really happy with the result as the wood was looking like a new again!



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