Day trip to Minoo waterfall

A small riverside restaurant on the way to the Minoo waterfall

We visited Minoo fall last weekend when the weather was sunny and hot as usual. Minoo waterfall resides in the really northern part of the Osaka prefecture but it’s still easy to reach with trains!

After you get off the train you have quite exactly 3km to hike before you reach the waterfall. The main path following the river is easy to walk on as it’s mostly covered in asphalt. But the surrounding nature is what really takes your thoughts of the walking as you can enjoy Japanese mountain nature in it’s beauty. To get even more of the real feeling of walking in the nature you can choose to walk on an older forest path on the other side of the river.

The beautiful Minoo waterfall

The Minoo waterfall itself isn’t that big but it’s definitely a nice place to visit, relax and to take a break after the hike. We were lucky as there weren’t many other people at the same time at the waterfall so we could really enjoy the sounds of it as we ate our snacks.

Our monkey visitor was probably looking for a free dinner from the tourists

I don’t know how common sight it is but we also saw one monkey at the waterfall who wasn’t too afraid of coming to walk around people. There are signs warning about them so I guess you can expect to see them if you’re really interested about seeing them.

We went down from the path to the river to try the temperature of the water

I really enjoyed just walking slowly and looking at everything during our hike both ways. We also went off the path couple times to see some interesting places more closely. If you’re interested in visiting the waterfall I really recommend doing it when you have time to do it in peace to really be able to enjoy everything around you!

The path covered by asphalt on the left while we’re walking on the not covered one.

That’s all for this week!



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