Come on UP Resident Spotlight: Deuce

Come on Up share houses are full of interesting people with various interests, hobbies and talents. Today we will be highlighting our very own Deuce!

Deuce is an African-American male from Chicago. He has been living in Japan for over 4 years. His hobbies are as varied as ever. He enjoys dancing, rapping, writing poetry, modeling, bartending and mixology. We had the pleasure of interviewing him today.

Good morning Deuce! Thank you for making time for us today. Why did you decide to live in Japan?

Yeah no problem. That is a question I hear a lot and to be honest I don’t really have a reason. I came to Japan after the 2011 earthquake. I was doing some volunteer work up north and I was really touched to see people helping people. From that point on, I was keen to live in Japan. I don’t think I want to live here forever, but I’m really easy going. For now I live in Japan, but who knows what tomorrow will bring right?

Yeah, that is so true. You seem to really like giving back.

Sometimes yeah, but no one is perfect.

Would you mind telling us about your hobbies? I am really interested to hear about your modeling stuff.

Recently I have been really into making music with my friends. I love hip hop and from time to time I like to rap too. I am not very good though. I also do modeling, but I see it more as a hobby than anything.

Why did you start modeling?

To be honest, many of my co workers and people I met in Japan often ask if I am a Hafu or a model. It became so common, that I would add it to my self introduction. “Hi, I’m Deuce. I am not Hafu or a model.” It was kinda funny. After hearing about the relative ease of doing modeling in Japan as a foreigner, I decided to give it a shot. It has been really fun. I get to travel to different places in Japan and meet a lot of cool people.

You can also meet really cool people in a share house too. Is that why you decided to live in one?

That was part of the reason. Actually I thought it would be a better way to learn about my company. When I first started working with Come on Up, I was a little unsure about what it is we actually do. I though it was just getting people to live in a share house and make sure nothing is broken. It is actually a multifaceted job. Sales, marketing, SNS, SEO optimization, event planning, accounting, consulting, contract preparation, and so on. Not to mention that my job is half in Japanese! By living in the share house, I can learn why we do the things we do; it is for the sake of building up a strong community and giving back to our residents.

That was really insightful! Do you have any other comments you’d like to say?

Not really. If you want to hear some of my music, follow my group Kansai Connect on soundcloud. the link is I don’t have a modeling profile, but maybe I should make one? When that time comes, I will b sure to let you all know!



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