Bicycle parking campaign

Want to go shop or explore in one of Tokyo’s amazing locations but is the distance to the station just too much of a hurdle after a long day of work? Take that bicycle for a spin and ride the winds! Come On UP will fully cover the usual fee you would normally have to pay for parking at a single station of your preference. Replace that boring walk back to your share house or to the company with the fresh sensation of a soft breeze against your skin!

[Fees]: None! Simply apply to one of the applicable share houses and we will cover any monthly parking fees for your bicycle at a station of your choice.

[Campaign period]: 1st of January 2015 to June 15th 2015 (only eligible for new residents).

[Applicable share houses]:

[Tokyo area]


Shimizu Kiki:





[Kansai area]




 [How to apply]: Please apply for the above houses during the campaign period. Don’t hesitate to contact us for details.


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