Around My Way: Kyoto

Around My Way

Kyoto, Matsuo Taisha 松尾大社

こんにちは皆様! My name is Deuce and I am the Area Manager for Kyoto. I have the pleasure of living in this wonderful city and I get to explore its beauty every day. Today, I would like to highlight one of the oldest temples in Japan­- and it is only steps away from my front door. Matsuo Taisha, or sometimes known as Matsunoo, is an old temple located just south of the more well-know Arashiyama. If you are looking for something more off the tried and true tourist sights, Matsuo Taisha is worth checking out.

The temple itself was founded in 701, before Kyoto was even Kyoto. Founded by the Hata clan, the same clan that built the famous Fushimi Inari shrine, this temple has a deep connection to sake production in Japan. Even today, sake brewers still take water from the sacred well located here to brew some of the best sake in Japan.  They even have a museum dedicated to sake!


In addition to having a deep connection to sake, the temple also houses some pretty amazing gardens. For 500 yen, you can stroll one of the most beautiful gardens in the area with over 3,000 rose bushes. The sight in April and May are said to be spectacular.  If you’re ever around my way, come check out Matsunoo; You won’t leave disappointed


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