Why should you choose us over the other ‘share house’ companies?

Hello everyone, how is it going?

Tomorrow marks the last day of my internship at ComeOnUP. As I am working on a proposal for a partnership with another company as my ‘final gift’ for ComeOnUP, I have decided to tailor part of the proposal so that I can share it on this blog. Read below:

Why Choose Us?

Being a pioneer of the ‘share house’ concept, we choose our share houses very carefully. When we assess our share houses, we keep these few things in our mind: the location, condition and comfortability of the accommodations. You can rest assured that our share houses are able to provide you with a truly unique experience of living in Japan. We also interview our house residents to make sure that they are ‘worthy’ to stay with us, so your experience of staying with us will be enhanced.


Compared to other ‘share house’ companies, our share houses are in general slightly more expensive, and there are many reasons which attribute for this.

1) Our share houses are the actual share houses, meaning that we do not renovate them just to accommodate more residents, unlike our competitors. (We focus on our customers’ experience rather than the profits) Also, our share houses have common areas which are just big enough to be enjoyed by all of the house residents.

2) We put in more efforts to screen our house residents as we want to make sure that those who stay with us are really fond of the ‘share house’ culture. We want our house residents to feel at home when they live in our share houses and one way to achieve this is to get people who are interested in sharing their experiences and interests with each other to live together.

3) We ensure that our share houses are at their best condition whenever a new resident moves in. We inspect our share houses periodically to make sure that the house residents take good care of their houses.

4) Our share houses have good accessibility. Most of them are within walking distance to the closest train stations. It will not be long before you find yourself in some of the most populous places in Tokyo such as Shinjuku and Shibuya.


When you choose to stay with us, you can choose our share houses based on:

1) The location

2) The demographics of the house residents (Nationalities/Gender)

3) The room type (Western/Japanese)


Because of this, we are very confident that we are able to provide you with the best experience of staying in Japan by customising our share houses to meet your requirement. However, please keep these few things in your mind when you are considering to stay with us:

1) If you were to live with us, you would be responsible for the cleanliness of your house as we do not offer a cleaning service.

2) You will have to behave like an adult when it comes to dealing with yourself and also the house residents.

3) You will have to share the same vision as us on the ‘share house’ concept. A share house is not like a dormitory, not even in the slightest bit.


If you are still wondering how are we able to distinguish ourselves from our competitors, I hope that this article would be able to offer you a general idea of the perks of staying with us, which you might not be able to experience in other ‘share house’ companies. One thing that you can be certain of, though, is that our residents tend to have a higher satisfaction level compared to our competitors’.

Finally, my only wish is that, hopefully, in many years to come, ComeOnUP which truly embraces the ‘share house’ culture, will be able to stand out amongst many other self-proclaimed share house companies. 

One last thing before I end this, I want to make a big shout out to Brian:

“If I were to choose someone to get lost together with me in a jungle, it would be you, Brian.” – Abel




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Day trip to Minoo waterfall

A small riverside restaurant on the way to the Minoo waterfall

We visited Minoo fall last weekend when the weather was sunny and hot as usual. Minoo waterfall resides in the really northern part of the Osaka prefecture but it’s still easy to reach with trains!


Fun times at Round1 in Namba

Last weekend I was in Round1 once again with my friends. Round1 sport facilities are all around Japan and there are larger with many different sports and other amusement options and smaller ones with fewer. The one that I’ve now been to is at Namba and it has 5 different floors full of all kinds of things to do! Round1 is really fun to visit with friends as there are many things where you can compete with each other. So for people with competitive spirit, this is either good or a bad place! ^^ This time along with the usual badminton, volleyball, baseball and ping pong we decided to try some of the electric toys they offer to try.

Me and my friends from my student exchange in Osaka

Getting ready for the race with our electric super bikes




こんにちは。関西スタッフの堀江です。 シェアハウスに住まれている方は社会人が多いのですが、アフター5や休日に一緒に遊びに行ったりしています。


ハウスで一緒にご飯を食べることも。 この日はたこ焼き器を使ったアヒージョ