Share House Summer Global Campaign 2017!

Summer Campaign 2017!!!

Our share houses have residents from all over the world, with varying cultural backgrounds, but one thing is for sure- everyone loves summer! From hiking, biking, BBQ and hanging out with friends, there is a ton of social life to be had with Come on UP!

**For a limited time we will be waiving all reservation fees for August and September (up to one month).

**In addition, sign with us before 8/31 and you can receive 20,000 yen off your first month’s rent!

**This promotion applies to the following houses:

Tokyo –> Narimasu; Ogikubo; Kamikitazawa; Yukigaya; Todoroki; Omori

Kansai –> Midoribashi; Arashiyama; Miyakojima; Yamashina; Fushimi

Over 40% of our residents come from all over the world, whether studying abroad or working in Japan. This makes for a great chance to meet new people and practice all kinds of languages! Of course, there’s always the opportunity to practice and grow your Japanese as well!

**Open House for Events**

As a community we often host events for our residents (as you can see by the photos). We’d love for you to come by and see what we’re all about! Our next event is listed below, but please feel free to contact us for more info!

**Mon 8/21 –> Okonomiyaki Night!

At Shin-Osaka Sharehouse (Crossing Co-Working Space)

Please come, visit and eat good food!

**Please RSVP in advance**

Rooms are filling up quick- please be sure to check us out and get in touch!



Contact us:

Phone: 03-3760-1392

LINE: @uxq2997b




We look forward to meeting with you!



Come on UP Team