For late August to September move-in dates! Fall pre-order campaign

For late August to September moving in! Pre-order campaign

The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining! What are you planning for the summer?

It is a season when there are lots of fun things going abroad during the summer vacation, going to summer festivals and fireworks.

In this lovely time of year, are you getting bored of your daily routine? Are you thinking along the lines of:

I need a change of residence and a change of pace!

I want to jump into a new environment and interact with a new diverse group of people from around the world!

For people who are bored a little in their usual life, or who want new stimuli, we recommend looking into “Share House” life!

Come on UP’s share house are almost fully booked now ,,,

But don’t worry!

There is a timeline for vacancies beginning late August and into September.

As a result,

We prepared a campaign to support the new life of those who would like to live in the share house!

★ ★ Deals for campaign ☆ ★

1. Free reservations!

Normally, expenses (10,000 yen / week) will be incurred for reservations set more than one month in advance, but for those who applied in July or August, this deposit will be free! ! ※ limited to move in dates before September 30.

2. New furniture amenity subsidy

We will prepare things you like within 10,000 yen such as room interior and furniture.

We want to make sure our rooms are suited to your needs and personality!

★ ☆ You can experience the atmosphere of the share house ☆ ★

Many overseas customers come during the summer, so we are scheduling an event to cook rice together and enjoy Japanese culture together.

This event is scheduled to be held every week at the share house in Tokyo / Osaka, so please contact our LINE if you would like to participate or have any questions.

It is a good opportunity to learn the atmosphere of residents and share houses!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us at LINE!


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We want to help you understand the atmosphere of the Come On Up share houses.