From America to Japan

Hello! My name is Amber, and I will be living at the Miyakojima Share house for the next two months! I am an American university student, and this is my first time living in a foreign country, but I am very excited!


Although share houses are becoming more popular around the world, especially in Japan, I was not familiar with the concept until recently. At the share house, I have my own private room, but share other spaces, like the kitchen and living room, with the other people living here. It is a great way to get to know people, especially as a foreigner. There is a strong community at each share house, which is good, because travelling alone and being a foreigner in Japan can be a bit isolating sometimes.


What is a Share House?

Hi there, Deuce here. Have you ever wondered “what is a share house?” Well if you have, today I want to explore this question a little bit more in-depth.

By a simple Google search, A (Share House) is a rental house or apartment shared by a group of unrelated individuals who live together, usually with the goal of cutting costs. At the bare minimum, this is what a share house is, but it can be so much more.

Before living in a share house, many people have many different ideas and opinions. For some, it is a way to save money for the next phase of your life. For others, they live in share houses for a change of pace whether it be to challenge themselves or a life transition. Then there are the few that just think it would be fun to live in a share house. The Come on Up house I live at is more like home and my house mates would agree.

My share house in Kyoto is very international with residents from Chicago (me), China, South Korea and of course Japan. The coolest part of living at the share house is learning from so many people from so many countries and walks of life. We support each other when times are tough and celebrate success. Living in a foreign country can be tough sometimes, but my share house is my peace. I can feel totally at ease and be myself.

At the end of the day, your share house is experience is what you make it. Here at Come on UP, we encourage housemates to help each grow. If you are interested in visiting our share houses, visit our website at www.comeonup-house.com/en . Take it easy!

How to Rent a Room with Come on UP

Hey there! Deuce here from Come on Up Kansai. Have you ever wondered about living in a share house? What is the process like for living in a share house here in Japan? Is it difficult? Do I need to speak Japanese fluently? Rest assured readers because today, I am going to tell you the way we at Come on Up do room rentals.


It is actually a very easy and stress free process. First thing you do is visit our website and choose a house and room you would like to live in. From that point, you send an inquiry directly from the website to us.


At that point, one of our friendly (and usually charming) representatives will contact you to talk more about your needs and get to know you better. If the two of you all are in agreement, you set up a time and date to view the share house. While viewing the share house, the staff member will explain the house rules, facilities and overall atmosphere of that particular house.


After the house showing has been done, there are three more steps needed before you can officially move into your new share house. First, you must fill out an application for the house you want to move into.

Second, there is a screening process. It is at this time we screen all applicants to make sure they are eligible to live at a certain house.


After your screening has been approved, we draw up  contract and you can move in as soon as one day after your contract is sign and payment is processed.

Do you think you’d be interested in living in a sharehouse? Feel free to get the process rolling at http://www.comeonup-house.com/en








作品を通してインドの社会問題について考えさせられます。Aozora Schoolの子どものストーリーなので、沢山の人にみてもらいたい。

〈以下、NPO Aozoraの投稿転記〉
写真家 千賀健史さんが幾度もブッダガヤを訪れ、Aozora schoolの児童養護施設で育てられた子どもの実話を追った個展「Suppressed Voice」が銀座Guardian Gardenで始まっています。

インドの最貧困層家庭に産まれたHarendraは、幼い頃に父親を亡くしました。貧しい家庭だった為母親だけで育てることができず、Aozora Schoolの児童養護施設に預けられ、10年ほど育てられます。
ですが、学校に行かず働いていたHarendraの兄がそれに嫉妬し、Harendraをすぐに働かせるとAozora Schoolから連れ去ってしまい、突如彼の行方は分からなくなりました。


約7年に渡り幾度もブッダガヤを訪れ、Aozora Schoolを深く見てきた千賀さんだからこそできた作品です。